Protection Plus

Providing the best quality integrated Perth security services to
our clients to protect people, property and assets.

Advanced Protection Plus

Our team of security consultants have unrivalled experience in providing integrated security services to our many clients across all industry sectors throughout Australia. Our management team, with extensive experience in all aspects of security guard services, has delivered client focused outcomes across many complex security projects.

We assist clients in understanding the physical and technical risks to protect people, property and business assets.


Advanced Protection Plus provides a wide range of security services. Our Leadership Team have come from a range of backgrounds including Law Enforcement, Risk Management, Health & Safety and Corporate Governance.


Advanced Protection Plus offers a range of solutions including, Mobile Patrol Security, Security
Personnel, Corporate Risk
Management, Event Security and
Technical Solutions.


Advanced Protection Plus offers security services across a number of industries including resources, corporate, property, retail and healthcare.

Perth security services for Advanced Protection Plus Providing the best quality integrated Perth security services to our clients to protect people, property and assets

Our Perth Security Services

If you haven’t worked with a private security company before, you might be looking for more information about the services we provide. Read on to learn more about the services we offer and how each can support events, corporate risk management strategies, private individuals, and more.

Experienced Security Guards

Whether you need ongoing security or want to increase security during a VIP visit, our guards are trained, experienced professionals who lead the security industry.


Corporate Risk Management

Whether you’re an established enterprise or are just starting out, knowing your risks is half the journey to a secure risk management, prevention, and response strategy. The Advanced Protection Plus security service provider team can help analyse your existing systems and identify potential risks to help strengthen your business.


Electronic Bug Sweeping

Worried a security event has already taken place? Our security guards can review your business premises or private residential property to look for security threats, security cameras, or audio-visual recording devices that may be monitoring activity at your workplace or home.


Event Security Services

Whether it’s a one-day event or a full week, our security guards can be there to help keep your staff and visitors secure with crowd control at an important event. From sporting events to major corporate conferences, our private security guard company can help keep your people and places safe.


Our vision is to be a trusted provider to our clients and strive for continuous improvement to ensure we deliver in line with our values.

FAQ's for Security Services in Perth

Many of our new clients have similar questions about private security companies. Read on to find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. If you want to further discuss your security concerns or risk management needs, feel free to contact our team of security officers to learn more about how our security solutions can help you.

The team at Advanced Protection Plus can make our security and risk management services fit your personal and professional needs. Whether you need individual security detail for high-value assets or people, added event security detail, or a cybersecurity assessment for your company, our team is trained, qualified, and experienced in both commercial and residential security needs alike.


That depends! Our customers range from personal and private protection to commercial businesses and organisations in need of additional security or risk management.

If you’re interested in private security guard services, you may be looking for asset or residence protection, additional security detail for high-net-worth individuals or VIPs, or escort protection during transportation. Regardless of your needs, you can call our team and talk through your next project or major event, and we can recommend a course of action that will keep you safe.


A great place to start is by connecting with the Advanced Protection Plus security provider team. Our security officers are trained, qualified, and have a lot of experience with both personal and business security. They can give you more peace of mind.

Our professional security services team can get to know your needs and action a tactful response no matter the event, occasion, or time of day, whether you’re a large enterprise needing to level up your risk management plan or a private individual with advanced security needs.