Corporate Security and Risk Management

We help our clients understand security risks that may impact their business and provide solutions.

Corporate Risk Management Solutions

Are you aware of the potential risks your business faces every day?

There are many elements of your business that need protection from external threats. From your property and vehicles to your computer systems, security systems and staff.

It’s important to have a full understanding of the potential threats to the various aspects of your business and the level of vulnerability. Risk management is the process of assessing the level of risk of a security breach and reviewing the consequences to your business. That way, you can understand the actions you need to implement to keep your business safe.

Our corporate security risk management team at Advanced Protection Plus are trained and experienced in providing comprehensive risk management assessments and strategies. Get in touch to learn more about our Perth security risk management services today.

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The risks corporate business are faced with everyday
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Risk Management Consulting

If you’re looking for a security consultant rather than a team of security personnel, we can help. Often our clients think ahead and include risk management assessments when planning to create or alter the structure of a business. 

We offer professional and reliable risk assessment and risk management planning services for all manner of businesses and corporate settings. Our team work with you to fully understand your business to be able to provide a detailed and insightful assessment and strategy to keep your business safe.

Experienced Security Professionals

Professional corporate security must be well versed in all aspects of business risk management. Not only must security teams have expertise in physical protection, but they must have knowledge and experience in a corporate setting. Background knowledge of IT security, surveillance and risk management is essential for comprehensive corporate security risk management.

Our teams of security specialists come from a range of backgrounds including law enforcement, risk management, health and safety and corporate governance.

With years of experience working in a variety of corporate settings, they know what it takes to protect your business. Their professionalism and unbeatable customer care make them a pleasure to work with. 

We also provide extensive training in tactical negotiating, risk management and safety protocols. Our risk management team has the experience, licences and training to assess your business and keep people, assets and property safe. 

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Our Process

Step 1: Get in Touch

Contact us online or call to discuss our security risk management services.

Step 2: Consultation

Our risk management team work with you to gain a full understanding of your business including its structure and assets. From there, they can identify potential risks to people, assets and property.

Step 3: Threat Assessment

With an extensive background in security, our team make a comprehensive assessment of all potential threats to your business. They present their assessment to ensure you have a clear understanding of how your business could be at risk.

Step 4: Measuring Vulnerability

With the threat assessment in mind, we take a look at your current security measures to assess your business’s vulnerability. We examine the effectiveness of the controls over your assets and the likelihood of a security breach. Our team will review your business property security, security systems and processes as well as staff security and more.

Step 5: Potential Outcome Review

We help you gain an understanding of the potential losses to your business if security risk management is not implemented. Our risk management team will compile a risk management plan to reduce the likelihood of threats to your business. You can receive this on a consultancy basis or initiate our corporate security risk management services to keep your business safe.

Why Advanced Protection Plus

We abide by our mission statement – “Protect, safety, respect” to offer comprehensive tailored security and risk management solutions to our clients. 

We provide the best quality integrated security services to our clients. Our security guards go above and beyond to protect people, property and assets. Our security services are utilised in a variety of sectors and industries to offer another level of tailored security service.

We are committed to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples through employment, training and career opportunities.

Our values are focused on

  • Integrity
  • Customer focus
  • Safety
  • Diversity and equality
  • Performance
  • Teamwork

We put our clients first to ensure we help to achieve their security needs.

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Comprehensive Security Service

We provide a comprehensive tailored security risk management service according to your organisation. During your consultation, we will discuss the level of service you require. We offer competitive pricing for our security risk management services to help Perth businesses stay safe.

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