Event Security Services

Event Security Services
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If you are looking for professional event security services in Perth and across Western Australia, your premier choice is Advanced Protection Plus.

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Experienced and Professional Event Security Services

Whether it’s a small or large event, Advanced Protection Plus is your preferred event security partner in Perth and surrounding areas. Our team has unrivalled experience in providing integrated security services to our many clients across all industry sectors.

We are available to provide expert advice and assist in event planning, crowd control planning, risk management, and implementation of risk mitigation strategies. We specialise in the following security services:

  • Conferences and meetings
  • AGMs (Annual General Meetings)
  • Sports events and stadiums
  • Festivals
  • Cultural events
  • Community events
  • Crowd control security

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming event and learn how we can help to ensure that it is a success.

Security Guard monitoring people at an event. Event security services in Perth
Security guard patrolling and monitoring. Event security services.

Why Choose Advanced Protection Plus for Your Event

Advanced Protection Plus security team and crowd controllers are highly trained, licensed, uniformed and highly skilled security professionals. Our staff regularly undergo training to develop their rapid risk assessment and response skillset. 

Our team of trained and licensed security staff are dedicated to ensuring your event is secure, safe and well run. Our Leadership Team have come from a range of backgrounds including law enforcement, risk management, health and safety, and corporate governance.

Everything we do is based on our values, which include teamwork, safety, customer focus, integrity, performance, and diversity and equality. Following our mission statement—“Protect, Safety, Respect”—we are committed to providing tailored security solutions so that our clients can achieve the required outcomes.

Benefits of Event Security

Without proper crowd control, events can quickly become chaotic. This is especially true for larger and high-profile events. Event security personnel ensure that proper order is maintained throughout the event and at all times, including at the entrance, exit, and all areas within the venue.

Attendees are more likely to adhere to uniformed and professional security guards than regular staff, who are likely already busy with other tasks. Security services also reduce the risk of party crashers and any unruly attendees.

Whatever the event, whatever its purpose, attendees always expect to feel safe and welcomed. Attendees who are concerned about their safety or the security of their belongings are unlikely to have an enjoyable and productive time.

The very presence of security can help to deter potential thieves. With our highly trained and experienced staff, we are able to identify potential safety risks before they are able to act. We help to manage threats quickly before they can become serious issues.

From small, intimate events to large events that fill stadiums, projecting a professional feeling is important. A great way to achieve this is by partnering with a reputable security company.

Security staff are the first point of contact attendees will have at any event, something which will colour how they view an event in terms of professionalism. Organised security staff give the impression of a well-planned and safe event. 

Depending on the type of event and the location at which it will be held, security services may be required. Events where alcoholic beverages, for example, typically require security services.

We will be happy to discuss your event requirements and partner with you to ensure that these requirements are met.

Should an event attendee have an issue or a security concern, it is beneficial for them to know that there is someone they can go to. Regular staff are likely to be busy with other tasks, meaning that they cannot deal with any unexpected issues that arise.

Uniformed security personnel are easy to spot and can be trusted to deal with any issues. Security personnel at key points within the venue, such as at the entrance and exit, serve as an excellent point of authority.

Here at Advanced Protection Plus, we have years of experience providing security services across a wide range of industries. As well as event security, we work within corporate risk management, electronic bug sweeping, counter surveillance, and more. 

We assist clients to understand the physical and technical risks to protect people, property and business assets. We believe in ongoing training to ensure that our guards are able to provide the highest possible level of security to every type of event.

For event security services that you can trust, choose Advanced Protection Plus. We are dedicated to providing the best quality integrated Perth security services to our clients to protect people, property and assets.

For more information on our event security services, contact our team today on 1800ADVPROTECT (1800 238 776). We look forward to working with you and ensuring that your next event is a success for everyone.