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Mobile Patrols Can Protect Businesses Quickly & Effectively

Not all businesses need or can afford to have dedicated on-site security services. Nor do they need a closed retail store or office that is locked and secured and has little need to have a security guard on site 24/7. However, the security of these types of premises would be improved with the use of mobile patrols. Mobile patrols benefit your business from access to a security guard when you need it. Keep reading to find out how mobile patrols could benefit your business.

Mobile Patrols Can Resolve Security Issues Faster

A quick response is imperative if an alarm goes off on your premises. Break-ins usually happen very quickly, and by the time the alarm is sounding the trespassing and theft is usually well underway. Mobile patrols completed by well-trained security guards are one of the fastest response options available.

Mobile patrols will generally already be in their vehicle and driving around the local area, protecting other businesses as well as yours. Therefore, when an alarm sounds, they are likely only minutes away from being able to respond.

Provide an Active Deterrent

The biggest benefit of employing security services is the deterrent that they provide. Mobile patrols act as a significant deterrent to several different types of incidents to due to the randomness of the frequency that they can occur. Thieves and vandals will be deterred from committing a crime against your property if there is a chance of mobile security appearing onsite at any time of the day or night.

Remove Trespassers or Disruptive Customers

There may be occasions when people either enter the premises and/or refuse to leave the premises after being asked. We have all seen videos online and through social media of these types of people. In this situation, your retail or office staff may be poorly equipped with the skills needed to de-escalate these people and situations and move them on. Mobile Security patrols can help with these incidents. Only a phone call away and a trained security guard can be on site and resolving the issue for you in a professional manner.

After-hours a mobile security patrol may encounter undesirable people loitering near your property and move them on before it escalates into graffiti, vandalism or burglary.

Lock and Unlock Premises

Your security providers can help to keep your premises safe and secure. Mobile Patrols can be given access to your premises allowing them to be responsible for unlocking the premises in the morning when staff arrive and locking it in the evening when they leave.

Flexible Security Services

Engaging a mobile security patrol to protect your business is a great first step at building a relationship with a security provider. If in the future you require other security services such as event security, corporate risk management or counter-surveillance then you will already have a relationship in place with a security provider that understands your business.

This can allow you to flex up your security engagement very quickly.

Learn More About Mobile Patrols

If you are considering hiring a mobile security patrol service, head to our service page to learn more and discover 5 things to consider when engaging a mobile security service. 

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