Resources / Mining

Advanced Protection have a proven track record in delivering integrated security services to many mining and resources companies throughout Australia. Our projects have included the development and management of complex security tasks in remote regions. We have the capability to provide security personnel and other services through our vast experience in this sector.

We can assist with asset protection, access control and other workplace security requirements. We maintain a strong safety focus in the delivery of customised solutions to our clients.

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We aim to support clients to build preparedness and resilience for security matters impacting their business. With proven results and case studies in risk management we have provided services covering complex issues including industrial relation, workplace behaviours and other strategic matters. With optimised risk management processes, we have been successful in achieving the outcomes and objectives that are important to our clients.

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Using our integrated solutions approach, Advanced Protection can provide a range of security measures to our clients to suit their specific requirements. Onsite security personnel capable of delivering a range of services including asset protection, access control, and concierge duties to provide protection to people, property and assets. This can be further enhanced with the introduction of our technical solution to support the protection of property such as innovative CCTV systems.

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construction security services


Protecting your construction sites, materials, and buildings is paramount. That’s why Advanced Protection Plus provides flexible and comprehensive construction security plans to protect businesses from theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity. Site security is a cost-effective solution to prevent increased operational costs through theft and vandalism.


Advanced Protection develops customised loss prevention programs and strategies for our retail clients for the purpose of reducing theft. With the utilisation of our trained security personnel we provide a visual deterrent, reduce theft and provide a high level of customer service.

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We understand the sensitive nature of healthcare environments and the essential attributes required by security personnel. Our security personnel have the awareness and skills to operate in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to provide the following services;

  • Staff Emergency Departments
  • Response Teams
  • Access Control
  • Watching Patients
  • Asset Protection
  • Patrols

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