Trained and Licenced Security Guards

We provide multi-skilled and professional security guards for hire in Western Australia

More Than Security

These days more is expected of security guards than just acting as a deterrent. They are often the face of your company or brand and must show professionalism and excellent customer service. 

You need security guards that can handle complex situations but can also offer polite and helpful advice to your customers. Versatility is paramount, which is why security guards need experience in a variety of skills. Knowledge and experience in using a variety of security technology and equipment are also important when offering a comprehensive security service.

Having a team of multi-skilled security guards for your industry will not only protect your assets and property but help you, your staff and your customers feel safe. 

That’s why the security guards from Advanced Protection Plus are trained and experienced in a vast number of skills tailored to a variety of industries. Get in touch to learn more about our Perth security guards and services today.

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Security for Any Setting

Our security guard services are versatile and tailored to your requirements. We work with a wide variety of industries, events and individuals to provide the best security guard hire in Perth. Some of our services include:

  • Construction site security
  • Mining security
  • Retail security
  • Building concierge
  • Asset protection
  • Sports event security
  • Entertainment security
  • Traffic management
  • Property management
  • Mobile patrols
  • Local government security
  • Corporate security
  • VIP security personnel and escorts

Advanced Protection Plus ensuring the success of your event with professional security guards in Western Australia. 

Experienced and Licenced

Our team of security guards come from a range of backgrounds including law enforcement, risk management, health and safety and corporate governance.

With years of experience working with a variety of industries and settings, they know what it takes to fulfil your requirements. Their professionalism and unbeatable customer care make them a pleasure to work with. 

We also provide extensive training in armed response, tactical negotiating, risk management and safety protocols. No matter the situation, our security guards have the experience, licences and training to keep people, assets and property safe.

All of our security personnel are trained and qualified in first aid and medical emergency situations. Your staff and customers will be looked after in case of a medical emergency. 

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Our Process

Step 1: Get in Touch

Contact us or call  to discuss our security services.

Step 2: Security Consultation

Our team will visit your property, site or event venue to discuss your security needs. They will work with you to plan out a comprehensive security plan to execute the best security for your needs.

Step 3: Security Guard

Your team of security guards will always be on time and exceed your expectations in professionalism and customer care. You can always rely on them for your security needs. We provide help and support throughout your time working with us if you have questions, comments or required alterations.

Why Advanced Protection Plus

We abide by our mission statement – “Protect, safety, respect” to offer comprehensive tailored security solutions to our clients. 

We provide the best quality integrated security services to our clients. Our security guards go above and beyond to protect people, property and assets. Our security services are utilised in a variety of sectors and industries to offer another level of tailored security service.

We are committed to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples through employment, training and career opportunities.

Our values are focused on

  • Integrity
  • Customer Focus
  • Safety
  • Diversity and equality
  • Performance
  • Teamwork

We put our clients first to ensure we help to achieve their security needs.

Security Guard monitoring people at an event. Event security services in Perth

Security Guard Pricing

We provide a completely tailored security service according to your requirements and industry. During your consultation, we will discuss the size of the security team you need and any specialised equipment or vehicles. We offer competitive pricing for our security services without skipping one quality of service.

Hire Professional Security Guards

By hiring our versatile and multi-skilled security guards, we ensure your assets, property and people are safe and well cared for. Find out more about hiring the best security guards in Australia for your industry.