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Tips for hiring event security

Organising the perfect event can be a daunting task. There is a lot to consider, from choosing the right location, organising event security guards, setting the atmosphere and executing on the day. No matter the size of your event from small-scale events to larger events like music festivals, safety and security should be at the top of your list.

Hiring a reliable security company, that can provide experienced and professional security services can elevate some of that event planning stress. Here are some tips to ensure you select the right security company for your next event.

Qualified and Licensed Event Security Guards

You don’t want to trust the safety and security of your event staff and attendees on some people you pull off the street or from the gig economy. Your event needs a security company that has all the necessary licensing and only employs well-trained and fully qualified event security guards. In addition, you should insist that your security guards are first aid certified.

Cross Industry Experience

Different types of events in different industries have their own unique risks that can present themselves before, during or after the event occurs. Leading security service providers have experience in multiple different types of events. This experience allows these security professionals to identify issues before they arise and deal with them in a calm and professional manner.

Variety of Security Services

Security is more than just sending warm bodies to an event. Depending on the complexity and size of your event, chances are you would benefit from employing a full-service security provider. Full- service security providers can assist not only with providing experienced and qualified security guards but also with security consulting, planning and execution.

Local Experience

Particularly for larger events, a security company with local experience can be a huge asset. Informed by local knowledge your hired security guards will be able to manage situations more effectively based on the environment and the people involved.

Ask About Training

Check the credentials of your security provider and the guards they are providing. Ultimately, it is your event and your reputation that are on the line if the security you have hired does not act professionally or have the skills and qualifications, they need to do the job.

Understand how many security guards you might need

The number of guards that you need for your event isn’t just determined by the number of people in attendance. Smaller events d not necessarily mean fewer security personnel. In addition to the number of people, you need to consider the size of the area where the event is being held as well as the number of entry and exit points. An event can be equally difficult to secure if it is a large outdoor event or a room that is too small and becomes overcrowded. There’s also a chance that more guests will show up to your event than what was originally planned. If the event is open to everyone or there is no pre-determined guest list then your event is vulnerable to “party crashers”. These situations are best handled by experienced and professional security services.

For crowd control at larger events or parties, a significant security presence will be generally required. No matter the size and layout of the venue, there’s always a risk that a larger crowd can get out of control. In these situations, you are legally responsible for ensuring that there is a sufficient security presence. The last thing you want is for property to be destroyed or for people to get injured.

Events, where alcohol is served in a festive, high-energy atmosphere, may require event security guards stationed amongst the crowd. These guards will have the ability to spot volatile situations and defuse them before they escalate. More subdued events will generally only require guards at the entrance and exit points.

The choice to use uniformed or plain clothes guards will largely depend on the amount of visibility that is desired. Uniformed guards can act as a deterrent to certain behaviours while plain-clothed security will blend more discretely into a crowd.

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