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Why hire security guards for your business?

Hiring security guards can improve a company’s overall security while protecting staff, assets and clients. Finding a company that offers premium-level corporate security services while retaining the professional image of the company is crucial.

Advanced Protection Plus offers security guards in Perth and across Western Australia across a variety of industries. We excel in providing premium quality services executed with the highest possible professionalism. 

No matter the industry your company is a part of, we can help improve your security holistically while helping you maintain a positive brand reputation. Our highly trained security team can ensure your entire business remains secure over a short and long period.  

Keep reading to learn how hiring security guards for your business can help improve security.

Corporate Security Guards

Whether a business is seeking to protect assets, property, or staff, having a security guard is a strong deterrent for wrongdoers. Trained security guards are constantly watching for suspicious behaviour and know how to respond rapidly to situations. 

On-site security guards are essential for businesses that have customers or staff members leaving the building late at night and walking to vehicles. Security guards are able to provide great customer service for businesses to ensure their employees and visitors are protected on-site.

At Advanced Protection Plus, our corporate security guards aim to provide reassurance to your corporate place and can act as first responders in an emergency situation.

Concierge Security Guards

Your front-of-house is a critical location of your business as it sets the stage for anyone visiting or coming into contact with your company. This area plays a role in establishing positive interactions, making clients feel safe, and solidifying a positive and welcoming first impression. For these reasons, protecting the public image of your company is a must while simultaneously providing unmatched protection through quality safety precautions. 

Hotel Security Guards

Thousands of visitors can pass through a hotel. Therefore, detecting the ones who should not be there becomes slightly trickier. In this setting, an enormous number of valuables can fall victim to theft without the prioritisation of premium security. Placing security monitoring responsibility on hotel staff is a risk as they are not trained and focused on conducting their job. Therefore, hiring hotel security guards is the best solution to ensuring ultimate protection for everyone and their belongings around the clock. 

Retail Security Guards

Retail crime makes up a large share of profit loss in Australia, making security a necessity in retail stores. While cameras can help document the act, a security guard can help prevent it altogether. A survey by the National Retail Association found that 85% of retail workers said they had experienced some form of abuse while trying to prevent crime.  Not only should retail owners consider security guards for the prevention of theft but they also create a safe, secure environment for employees and shoppers.

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For more information about our security guards and corporate security services, contact us now. Hiring expert security guards will ensure a safe and secure environment from potential risks to create an environment where everyone has peace of mind. 

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